Monday, 6 February 2012

Why would you choose an eBusiness over an eCommerce website

The reason most people that choose the eBusiness route choose this path is purely because of the differences in costs. There are many business strategies out there which allow a regular human to set up their own eBusiness with minimal experience and minimal investment, a good example of this being drop shipping. This particular particular model allows anyone to simple sell things on the net without ever having possession of the item. This means only 1 person is required to operate the business saving possibly hundreds of thousands on staff along with storage space and shop rent.

Even if you decide to go into ebusiness because of how much lower the running costs are, this can still be a great way of building up some cash to later start a fully functioning business. If your ebusiness starts to bring in a good amount of money you can start to move it into the real world bit by bit whilst trying to maintain the ebusiness at its current level.

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