Monday, 9 April 2012

Tips for a new Joomla website

The Joomla CMS provides an entire website solution that anyone can install and use within minutes. It is up there with the favourite content management systems such as WordPress and has a range of unique features that makes it one of the best.

Whilst it is one of the first choices for many new web masters not many people actually receive quality information when setting up their new Joomla website. That’s why we have wrote this article to help those get the information they need. There are several tips that can be used to help build your Joomla website and have a good control of the content that you have posted.

Check out 5 tips Joomla website - surely this help you from your initial Joomla upload all the way to building a fully functioning and professional website. We cover updated to the latest version of Joomla, Joomla website hosting, Blank Installations, Finding a unique or website design that suits your theme or niche and Finding extra plugins to add extra value to your website.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

E-Commerce Theme Design And Development

The world of eCommerce your E-Commerce theme design and development can often be the most important factor of your company’s online trading. Some firms decide to stick to a very basic design that does no really represent what they are offering very well and it is this sort of approach that can often lose customers and force potential customers who visit your website to move on to the next store available.

E-commerce website design is something that can be done in many ways however a themed design is often favored particularly if you are targeting a very specific niche. When you add any Theme to your website around the products or services you have to offer enables a potential customer to instantly see that you are offering what they are looking for and this often gives them more incentive to stay on your website and see how you match up against other websites they have visited.

Web page design - Whilst website design is very important the E-commerce website development should be treated equally as important. The correct functionality of an eCommerce website is almost the most important feature as it is going to hold customers personal information, store valuable company information and also have real life money transactions going through it every day. This article looks at the various things to consider when designed or developing an eCommerce website and offers advice on which areas to focus on in particular if you want your e-commerce theme design and development to be successful.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Featurers of E-Commerce website

A vast majority of business owners are now claiming that the integration of some sort of online business solution is critical for any business currently trading in the current down economy. This is easily done if you have some spare capital and can afford to higher an external website design firm however for those struggling it may come down to doing it yourself.

There are certain features that every eCommerce website needs. Without something such as a shopping cart there would be no way for a customer to order any products from your store and at the end of the day this is the whole idea behind opening an eCommerce store.

In this article we are going to talk more in depth about what features every eCommerce site should have and provide you with a number of reasons why it is business critical. The information you take away can then be used to help you realize exactly what you need when developing or your eCommerce website, or simply give you a check list to use against the website that is handed down to you by the web design firm.

If the website designer you have employed has a lot of experience working with eCommerce websites the chances are they will understand these key features and probably already have the code finished so that each individual aspect of the website is easy to implement. Read more to learn exactly what these features are -

Monday, 6 February 2012

Why would you choose an eBusiness over an eCommerce website

The reason most people that choose the eBusiness route choose this path is purely because of the differences in costs. There are many business strategies out there which allow a regular human to set up their own eBusiness with minimal experience and minimal investment, a good example of this being drop shipping. This particular particular model allows anyone to simple sell things on the net without ever having possession of the item. This means only 1 person is required to operate the business saving possibly hundreds of thousands on staff along with storage space and shop rent.

Even if you decide to go into ebusiness because of how much lower the running costs are, this can still be a great way of building up some cash to later start a fully functioning business. If your ebusiness starts to bring in a good amount of money you can start to move it into the real world bit by bit whilst trying to maintain the ebusiness at its current level.

Get to know about eCommerce website Business

Monday, 23 January 2012

Ebusiness vs. Ecommerce

It’s a common misconception that an Ebusiness and a company that implement some sort of Ecommerce are the same. In some ways there are some similarities, as an Ebusiness is a business that is set up to work entirely on the internet, and to do this it does require an eCommerce system. However companies that base themselves around real world trading also use Ecommerce and this is where the different lies.

The decision to start a business on the internet is one that many people are now looking to make. In the current down economy families can’t afford what they used too, and this is a great way of getting some extra cash without the need for a second job. With that in mind it is important that they look at whether they want to only conduct business online as an electronic business, or both as a real world business with an eCommerce website for online trading purposes.

A battle of Ebusiness vs. Ecommerce. This is something that most online entrepreneurs will face at some point and there is currently little content covering the subject. Want to know more about what need into discovered the advantages and disadvantages of Ecommerce and an Ebusiness and hopefully help you with your decision on which route to take.

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Thursday, 29 December 2011

eCommerce Business

There has been a sudden recognition of just how important it is to get your business online in order to reach out to millions of potential customers outside of the local vicinity and annihilate the competition. As business owners are realizing how essential it is, business eCommerce websites are on the rise.

In this post we are going to look at what an eCommerce website actually is. This includes the technologies that are used such as PHP and how the content of this type of website differs from that of a regular business website. It is good to have a knowledge of the skills required to develop an eCommerce website as well as knowing what sort of content you will need to know when adding new products or making any changing to your online storefront.

An eCommerce website can rapidly and massively expand your company without the need of extra buildings or staff, so overall it is a very cost effective solution of reaching out to more potential clients.

The truth is this sort of online presence opens up your products to millions of potential clients that you could never find in one single city. This could help you reach far beyond your already chosen business targets and have profits soar through the roof starting with today.

In this article we look at what an actual eCommerce website is and how it helps to represent your company on the World Wide Web. It looks at the different content which businessmen put on their eCommerce website and how keeping it simple and too the point allows people to shop with ease and make all of the purchases they would in an everyday local shop without ever having to leave the house.

Scripts can be used in various programming languages to allow an administrator to easily manipulate and modify the data on any website. This makes maintaining and expanding your eCommerce website simple for even those business owners who are not technically capable of the original development.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

What is eCommerce website

What is an eCommerce website is a question that is gradually being asked more and more in the world of retail. Those that have kept their business offline are starting to see the incredible advantages that an online presence can bring. E-Commerce websites are essential for any company looking to take their store online and expand to the millions of potential customers the internet offers.

An eCommerce website is essentially a front for your online trade. More often that not you will find they only have the required information pages such as Contact information, FAQs and how to order and tend to refrain from lengthy text pages. Other than this you can have as many product pages as you choose.

Most developers provide eCommerce websites that are very functional and very simple to use and administer. New products can be added with a few clicks of the button and if you already have information scripts can be created to automatically add thousands of items to the database in one short blast. They are usually developed with various different languages including html, php, javascript and mysql for the database side of things.

An eCommerce website has the potential to give your business the extra sales it needs. You can have a good looking, user friendly website meaning customers no longer have to travel to buy something from you. The website can make the sales process so much easier and manageable for both parties involved.